Tree Fall Sounds

Host: Barry Binder

 As the self-proclaimed “oldest college radio DJ in the nation,” I have a very diverse interest in genres, styles, and eras of music. From contemporary indie to big band, Americana to shoegaze, punk to classic soul, ‘80s new wave to ‘50s doo-wop, folk to electronica, Tree Fall Sounds Radio blends an eclectic mix of music for a wide-range of listeners. On any given week you may hear a mix of old and new favorite tunes, a specialty segment focusing on a specific style or era of  music, or a live interview/performance with local or touring artists.

About Barry: My radio/DJ experience dates back to my undergrad years where I co-hosted a weekly radio show at Illinois Wesleyan University and DJ’d at local college bars during the height of alternative/underground music breaking into the mainstream in the early/mid 1990s. More recently, I was the founder/operator of a multi-faceted entertainment/music enterprise in Dallas, TX (also named Tree Fall Sounds), where I signed and released vinyl singles for local artists, booked and promoted local shows, and worked with local non-profits to support their creative efforts. I moved to Colorado Springs in the spring of 2017 to pursue my MA in History at UCCS and to be closer to mountains. I’m a history buff, a baseball lover, a foodie, a news junkie, and a light sleeper…