Host: Maddie Ellis

Formerly known as Tuesday Morning Madness… and then Miscellany (because why be decisive, right?!), Bombination (def. buzzing/humming) is the eclectic music show that usually has a weekly theme! Dive into Maddie’s favorite indie/folk/alternative(/whatever else she decides to play) artists with her every week and maybe find something new to like! Feel free to say hi and request songs!

About Maddie: Maddie is a Biomedical Sciences major from York, Pennsylvania. She is a sophomore on the lacrosse team who (when not running around on a field) enjoys going to concerts, finding new coffee shops to obsess over wherever she goes, crying in the library and science center, and sporadically and mostly unsuccessfully trying to make/finish new art projects. She once won a hula-hooping contest and hula-hooped for 45 minutes. She is a fan of local music, good burritos, hiking, and dogs.