Ares Black: Redlining

Host: Alec Hahm

Ares Black combines everything from future bass to metal to symphonic and back again, through expression of live mixing and vocal production. Experience the massive electronic presence for yourselves weekly and tune in for a crazy fun mix including renowned live guests and co-hosts from all over the world.

About Alec: Alec Hahm, a bass head hailing from a small town in Germany, came to Colorado to perform and study. Backed by his schooling in sound engineering and music composition, Hahm has swept far past the days of DJing high-school proms and weddings. Now, supported by a team of producers, sound engineers, and rappers, he has launched from being a local prodigy to a master of his craft. Hahm finds joy in music, but pursues a side-career in sound editing and recording both in film and within the studio. He spends his free time building Legos with his little brother, drinking Texas sweet tea in the bathtub with his swimsuit on, and ticking off your grandparents. ‘If you ain’t redlining, you ain’t headlining’ -Griz