World News

Host: Philip Oke-Thomas


Global News, hosted by Philip Oke-Thomas, is a quick review of current major international news topics around the world. Covering¬† advancements, corruption, injustices and diplomacy going on around the globe. Also, an in-depth look at the history of various countries is provided. Information is pulled from sources coming from credible news outlets such as Aljazeera, British Broadcasting Company, CNN, NPR, MSNBC and more. While covering the various topics, music is played from Philip’s personal archive tracks, including R&B/Alternative/Hip-Hop/Pop songs that span from 1960s to 2018. Artists such as Stevie Wonder, Sampha, ThunderCat, SZA, Gil Scot-Heron and many more talented artist will be featured.

About Philip: Philip is a Political Science: Global Politics major. Originally from Springfield, Missouri, Philip began attending UCCS in the Fall of 2017. Philip enjoys snowboarding, running, hiking, climbing, traveling, basketball, music, reading, and politics. Other interests include diplomacy, radio broadcasting, and curb your enthusiasm. Philips top 5 favorite artists are: 5. A Tribe Called Quest 4. OutKast. 3. Stevie Wonder. 2. Jay-Z 1. Kanye West