Summer Update

Hey Mountain Lions! We hope you’re all enjoying your summer thus far, and wanted to keep you up to date on all things UCCS Radio! We are in the process of transferring our streaming software to a new an improved system, so if you happen to encounter any peculiar pauses or cuts on the stream, it is likely for this reason. The transition should be done in a matter of days. We have also upgraded a ton of equipment in our studio so the quality of our programming will continue to improve!


Of course, we are gearing up for the fall semester and all the new shows that come with it. If you have ever wanted to host your own radio program, whether it be music or talk based, now is the time to make that dream reality! We are always looking for new DJ’s and the summer is a great time to come up with ideas for your own perfect radio show. Just contact us if you’re interested and we will get you DJ’ing this fall!


As always, if you have any comments or questions for the station, don’t hesitate to contact us at our email radio@uccs.edu