#UCCSSTRONG Bracelets Now on Sale

On Behalf of Tamara Moore:


Memorial wristband bracelets have become a visible way to honor the ideals and memories of a person we have lost from our community.  Students have selected the phrase, “#UCCSSTRONG” to be printed in blue on a black silicone wristband bracelet.  The “thin blue line” symbolizes the relationship of law enforcement in the community as the protectors of civilians from criminal elements. The black represents mourning, the loss of Officer Swasey and all police and peace officers who die serving their community.


The hashtag, “UCCSSTRONG” was selected to represent the coming together and resiliency of our UCCS community.  Strength includes being able to withstand great adversity or pressure, showing determination, and possessing skills and qualities that create a likelihood of success.  Officer Garrett Swayse lived these ideals and demonstrated extraordinary courage.  Being “UCCSSTRONG” is making a commitment to these principles and supporting our community in this time of need.


The memorial bracelets will be on sale beginning TODAY Thursday, December 3 at the UCCS Bookstore, Copy Center, University Center Front Desk and Food Service retail locations: Cafe ’65, Clyde’s and Coffee Shops.


The donation price is $5.00 each and all proceeds will go to the Officer Garrett Swasey Scholarship Endowment. Special thanks to students Jayne Simpson and Emily Kendall who have been organizing support for this project.