UCCS Radio Spring Concert packs Clydes

UCCS Radio’s second annual spring concert held Monday, April 28 was a success. The concert was hosted in Clyde’s at UCCS and the pub was filled from start to finish, in total 137 were in attendance for the event.

Stoney Bertz, a Colorado Springs solo rapper opened the show and instantly grabbed the attention of the audience and never let that go.

The Reminders, a Colorado Springs based music duo who has gained international attention in the hip hop world were met with cheers from their hometown fans as they took to the stage. The music duo had the audience fully engaged with their music the entire performance with audience members dancing, singing, and waving their arms from side to side in the air.

“The concert was a huge success, Stoney Bertz and The Reminders are tremendously talented and no one who walked out of the doors after this event would think otherwise,” said UCCS Radio Station Manager Brandon Ortega. “Each UCCS Radio concert we find ourselves being more successful and we plan to continue to improve and capitalize on that success and bring students the events and concerts that they value and are entertaining.”

About UCCS Radio

UCCS Radio started in 2003 as a project undertaken by the UCCS Chapter of the ACM, the Computer Science Professional Association. The establishment of the radio station was made possible by a generous grant by the UCCS Technology Fee Committee.

In 2005, the UCCS Internet Radio Station became an official organization within the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. The Internet Radio Station has an associated Student Club which performs many of the activities needed for day-to-day running. UCCS Internet Radio accepts proposals for new shows from students, alumni, staff, faculty and community members. Most proposals are accepted.

For more information, contact Brandon Ortega at bortega@uccs.edu or radio@uccs.edu


The Reminders, voted Colorado Springs' best Hip-Hop duo, perform live at UCCS.
The Reminders, voted Colorado Springs’ best Hip-Hop duo, perform live at UCCS.