UCCS Radio shines light on local music artists

UCCS Radio listeners have demanded more music artist interviews and UCCS Radio continues to deliver. So far this week the station has interviewed 3 local music artists (David Ryan Norgren, Clayton Wyatt, and Lonnie Dilan) all who will be performing in the area this week. The station also plans to interview one more local band Autumn Creaures on Friday’s live broadcast of “The Scene.”

“We have put in a lot of effort to interview music artist who are up-and-coming, local, and performing in the area,” said Station Manager Brandon Ortega. “Our station plays an influential role in the music scene and interviewing artist to help promote them or upcoming shows is a niche that as a college radio station we can fill, its something not every radio station can do.”

Luckily, for all the music fans out there,the station doesn’t plan on stopping the interviews anytime soon, if you have missed any previous interviews you can listen to them on the UCCS Radio SoundCloud page. Below is the links to the 3 most recent local music artist interviews.

Interview with David Ryan Norgren

Interview with Clayton Wyatt

Interview with Lonnie Dilan